The Bowai Tiki Mug

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**We have begun casting the Bowai and shipping out in batches. Due to the pandemic we have been delayed by 6 months but are making sure we catch up by the end of 2020.

PLEASE BE AWARE that these are handmade ceramic mugs and no two are alike. Not produced in a factory. We hope you enjoy your mugs when you receive them. Please tag @hip_tiki @hip_arcade #hiparcade #hiptiki #thebowai to share!**

The time has come for the Bowai to finally make its debut! Get your tiki stardust on with your very own Bowie Moai tiki mug now available! Some Artist Proofs will be sold through here as well!

Available in Standard glaze like you see here and Extra soon to be soon with the hair fully painted with special glaze to make it sparkle! 

  • Handcasted one of a kind ceramic ware
  • Holds up to 24oz
  • 8” x 4 x 3.25”in 
  • Food safe